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Experiencing lash envy?  We can fix that. 

Cleansing Gel      $31.00

Thanks to its pH 5.5 formula, this gentle cleansing gel removes makeup and all traces of dirt effectively without drying your skin or leaving an oily film. It cleans the eyes and face without damaging your eyelash extensions. Its aloes-rich formula nourishes and fortifies eyelashes while protecting sensitive skin.

Long Lasting Protector    $25.00

The Long Lasting Protector covers eyelash extensions with a protective coat to extend their lifespan. Water resistant, it creates a barrier against humidity and pollution.


Volume Star Mascara    $29.00

This creamy mascara promotes longer and fuller eyelashes with a single stroke. Created exclusively for eyelash extensions and made with natural ingredients (bee wax, palm wax, white clay), it nourishes, hydrates and re-mineralizes lashes for a sublime, intense look instantly. Its extra large brush gives extreme volume.


Revitaliser (Conditioner)  $26.00
Enriched with keratin and panthenol, the Revitaliser is a gel formulated to nourish and fortify your natural eyelashes. It separates lashes and covers them with a protective film. Your eyelashes will look longer and
thicker, and have an attractive wet look! You can even apply multiple coats to personalize the volume of your eyelashes. This product is harmless to your eyelash extensions.
Eyelash Heater   $31.00
The Eyelash Heater is a high-tech and effective substitute to the traditional eyelash curler. It gives a fantastic long lasting curve to eyelashes. Quick and safe, it curves and separates your lashes (natural or with
extensions) in 60 seconds, with or without mascara. In fact, our technicians use it frequently--to straighten natural lashes with too much curve or add curve to straight ones--prior to applying eyelash extensions.
Premier Regard Eye Gel   $56.00

Intended for the delicate area around the eyes, this light gel is recommended for all skin types, especially those presenting signs of fatigue or stress. The Premier Regard Gel contains a 100% water soluble MDI complex (marine cartilage extract) and other aloe and hyaluronic acid ingredients. It will:

    A) help reduce fine lines;
    B) eliminate under-eye bags;

    C) hydrate the skin (aloes) and preserve cell hydration (hyaluronic acid); and

    D)  help repair skin damage caused by excessive sun exposure.

        Full Set (Max. 2 hours)  --------------------------------------------- $ 150.00
        Flirt Package (45 Minutes) ---------------------------------------- $   75.00
        1/2 Hour Touch Up ----------------------------------------------------- $   50.00
        1 Hour Touch Up -------------------------------------------------------- $   75.00

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