What happens during an eyelash application?


You lay down on your back comfortably with your eyes closed.  The technician will apply anti-wrinkle patches to protect, smooth and brighten up the eye contour.  These are applied above and below the eye.  Medical tape will also be applied to protect and keep the lower lashes covered.
Your forehead will be covered with a Gibson towel, to cover your forehead and keep your hair back, as the technician will rest their hands on your forehead while applying the lashes.
The technician will go back and forth between each eye applying an extension one at a time to ensure an even and full look.
The process is very relaxing and most people fall asleep during the application. 
After the process is finished you keep your eyes closed until the medical tape and patches are removed. 
Finally, you are then able to admire the new, radiant and glamorous you.


What should I do to prepare for my appointment?


Your lashes should be completely clean and ideally you will have no eye make-up on to ensure there is no residue on your lashes.  Having them cleaned before your appointment leaves more of your appointment time for the actual application of the extensions.
If you wear contacts you should not have them in for the application.  You can put them back in after the application is completed.
Personal assessment – both of your eyes will have patches on them helping to keep your eyes closed for the duration of the application.  


What are lash extensions made of?


Eyelash extensions are made of a synthetic polyester material.  They come in different lengths and thicknesses as well as curve types.  They are soft and flexible and very light.  They have a natural elegant look.


What colours do the lash extensions come in?


The traditional extensions are black in colour.  However, you can highlight your lashes with colours that will make your natural eye colour stand out.  For the conservative the coloured ones may seem a bit too much when looking at the whole container but when you mix a few in they are really eye catching.
Current options: Black, brown, turquoise, red, violet, pink, green, night blue, fuchsia


Can I wear mascara with my lash extensions?


Once you have the lash extensions on you may never wear mascara again.
If you desire an even more dramatic look I recommend wearing the same brand that your extensions are.  Brand formulations are compatible with the adhesives specific to the brand you are having applied.  You may wear water-based or clear mascaras on the extension tips and on your lower lashes.  Remember, the less you touch  your lash extensions the longer they will last.
Never use oil-based or waterproof mascara as it can damage the bond of the adhesive.  Excessive rubbing from cleaning can also make your natural lash fall out prematurely taking the extension with it.


How long will they last?


Your own growth cycle will determine how long they last. 
The term ‘permanent’ is applied to lash extensions in that they are permanently attached to your natural lash.  The term ‘semi-permanent’ is used since you will need to have a ‘fill’ or ‘touch-up’ to attach new extensions to your new lash growth.  Your growth cycle can vary by individuals but generally an eyelash will shed every 45 – 90 days.
There are three stages of growth that your hair goes through and that is why you always have a lash line because your hair is never all in the same stage at once.
The extensions are not applied to the little ‘baby’ short hairs; they are attached to the medium to long hairs so they are already a few weeks into their cycle before an extension can be applied to it.  This is why a monthly touch-up is recommended.
Proper care will also determine how long the extensions last.  It is important to not use oil based products on or very near the extensions as it will break down adhesive bond.  The less you touch your lashes (rubbing, pulling, scrubbing) the longer they will last. 
Keeping your lashes clean will also help them to last longer since you will not have foreign materials on them for prolonged periods of time.


How often should I get a touch-up?


After your initial appointment it is recommended that you have your second appointment two weeks later and then go on a monthly touch-up sequence. 
Due to your growth cycle generally an eyelash will shed every 45 – 90 days.  The extensions are not applied to the little ‘baby’ short hairs; they are attached to the medium to long hairs so they are already a few weeks into their cycle before an extension can be applied to it.  This is why a monthly touch-up is recommended.


Are eyelash extensions safe?


Yes.  When applied by a trained technician they are safe. 
The bonding agent is formulated with the same ingredient used in surgical procedures in place of stitches so the adhesive would be in contact with an open wound. 
The process does not involve the adhesive coming into contact with the epidermis (skin).  The lash extension is applied to your natural lash not touching your eyelid. The extensions will not harm your natural lashes, the extension falls away with your natural lash when it has completed its growth cycle and you will grow a new hair in its place.


Can I shower, swim, exercise, and get facials?


Yes, you can. 
You can continue to do your normal activities worry free with eyelash extensions.  The key is to wait the appropriate amount of time after the application for the bonding agent in the adhesive to set.  Be sure to ask your technician about what type of adhesive is being used so you can wait the appropriate time.  I use Misencil ‘HD Adhesive’ and it has a fast set time of 2 hours; it also requires advanced training and Misencil® official dealer status to be able to offer it to clients.
I find with swimming in various pools and hot tubs the chemical levels can be all over the place so I recommend rinsing after those types of activities.  Your bathing suit will thank you too.
Your body has natural oils that can also interfere with the bond of the extension so I again recommend cleaning your eyes after your workouts to remove the extra oils from your eye areas. 
As for facial treatments and spa activities, it is important to let your service provider know you have lash extensions and ask them to keep oil based products away from your eye area.  They should be able to accommodate you and many products are oil free already, however, you want to protect your investment by letting them know before your treatment begins.


Do I need a consultation?


A free consultation can be booked at any time to review the process and assess your desired outcome and whether or not you are a good candidate for lash extensions.  We can review photos to give you an idea of what you could expect to see.
A consultation will still be done at the beginning of the initial appointment and a client information sheet will be filled out at that time.


What training is required an eyelash technician?


Health Canada requires “proper training to be done where Cyanoacrylate-based adhesives, also known as ‘instant bonding glues’, have the ability to set quickly and strongly, subsequently causing tissue damage if bonded skin is forced apart”.  (see Health Canada’s  website)

Eyelash extension companies train following those requirements and will list their approved technicians on their individual company websites.
www.misencil.com  shows Wink Eye Glamour as an official dealer.


Why should I choose a Misencil® official dealer?


For the convenience to find all the care and maintenance products under the same roof for long lasting results; for the promise that you will benefit from the expert hands of a professional style-oriented technician (advanced learning workshops on a regular basis); and for the guarantee that your technician will use high-tech glue: the Misencil® HD adhesive.


Can the eyelash extensions be removed?


Yes, at any time for any reason they can be removed, however there will be a small removal charge.  The extensions are easily removed by using an adhesive remover and it is safe.


I had my eyelash extensions applied somewhere else and I am unhappy with them.  They are clumping and have too much glue on them.  Can they be fixed at Wink Eye Glamour?


Anytime you are unhappy with the results of your lash application you should go to the salon or technician who applied them.  They will be able to remove them for you and then you can have them applied with another technician.
The technician should be given the chance to fix the situation and at the very least to be made aware of the unsatisfactory application.
Once you have had the lashes removed I would be happy to be your lash technician.


Do eyelash extensions make my own lashes fall out?


No, definitely not.  It is important to have your lash extensions applied by a qualified technician who uses quality products. 
Your eyelash growth cycle can vary by individuals but generally an eyelash will shed every 45 – 90 days. 
Pulling, rubbing and touching your lashes with extensions on them may cause the natural lash to prematurely come out.


Are lash extensions difficult to look after?


Lash extensions are meant to make your life easier not more difficult.
Here are the key elements for maintaining your lash extensions:
Touching them as little as possible; including not pulling, rubbing, and excessive brushing.
Be gentle and keep them clean.  Use oil-free cleansers and not a lot of scrubbing.  Also, cotton swabs and fibrous cloths can catch the extension and pull them off your natural lash prematurely.
Avoid oil based products: make-up, cleansers, moisturizers and sunscreens.


Is thre any reason why I can't have eyelash extensions applied - Contra-Indications?


Blepharitis is a kind of infection in which loss of eyelashes can occur.  With this infection, itching and swelling of the eyelid occurs.  The reason for this infection is the growth of bacteria in oil glands.  It requires excessive cleaning and wiping of the eye area and extensions are not recommended.
Trichotillomania (TTM) is usually an involuntary action of excessive pulling on your lashes.  Extensions are not recommended.
There needs to be existing natural lashes to be able to have extensions applied.
Medicated drops and/or ointments may make the lashes clump or prematurely fall off.
It is important to check all side affects of your medications so that you will not be disappointed with how long the extensions last.

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