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Experiencing lash envy?  We can fix that. 

You don't have to be born with them!
The ability to look the way you want with the least amount of fuss is what the cosmetic industry is all about.  As with anything, the first step is to educate yourself then make a decision if it's for you.  Here I'll share some of what I know about eyelashes and extensions and how they can change your life...

Currently in my 10th year offering these little beauties. they are an addiction you will love having. 

I never get tired of seeing the expression on a first timers face when they see the new look.  They may be little but they make a big difference.

Travelling down South?  Lash extensions make it a beautiful experience.  

What's the big deal about eyelashes?


The eyes are the windows to the soul and all of that.  If that is true, and we all know it is, then the lashes are the drapery.  When someone looks in your eyes, are they seeing a bed sheet tacked up, or a beautiful valence? The eyes tell all of your secrets- your age, your emotion, how tender and kind you are, what kind of day you've had, what kind of life you've led, how late you stayed up last night, how sensual you are, your health, and the list goes on and on.  Thick, lush eyelashes change the look of your eyes.  They make you look younger, more rested, more feminine, give you an air of seduction yet innocence, and you look polished and put together anytime of the day - and the best part - I am not making this up!

So, what are eyelash extensions?


Misencil Eyelash extensions are attached one by one by a trained technician (me) to your natural lash with a permanent adhesive. They are water proof and you treat them the same as your natural lashes; and when cared for properly, will last the life of your natural eyelash.  Surprisingly, they do not feel heavy or foreign on your eyes.  Eyelash extensions are permanently adhered to the lash, but are semi-permanent in that you will need a monthly touch-up fill due to your lashes natural growth cycle.  The initial application takes approximately 2 hours and you are lying down with your eyes closed.  The process is very relaxing and many people fall asleep while having them applied.  A touch-up fill usually takes half an hour but for best results I like an hour.

Why wouldn't I just use mascara or fake eyelashes that I can get from a store?


Mascara... can you say raccoon?  It comes off when you don't want it to, and doesn't come off when you do want it to.  The less time you can spend tugging at that delicate area around the eyes the better!
Have you used false lashes before?   It takes a steady hand, that's for sure.  Who feels qualified to use glue around their eyes at 7am?  One false move and your stuck... (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Once you have your new lashes you will feel free, confident and put together.  You will definitely feel a whole lot more sassy!  The Valley men aren't going to know what hit them.
CLASSIC lashes are my specialty and look and feel natural.  They can be amped up if you don't mind people knowing you are wearing these beauties.  As your lashes naturally cycle and fall out they will take the extension attached with it and tend to fall out with an even look since they are applied one extension for one natural lash.
        Full Set (Up to 2 hours)  --------------------------------------------- $ 150.00
        2 Week Touch Up (45 mins. to hour)-------------------------- $   50.00

        2 Week+ Touch Up ----------------------------------------------------- $   75.00
        (over 6 weeks is a new set)

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